Signed up for another round!

In discussions with my sister, there was a conversation about how to kick start your weight loss again. Detoxes came up (see Danii’s last post!) I tried to work out what would work for me, would shakes work? (Can make them easily in the TMX). Would low carb? (Being a vegetarian, not really). Would a detox program? (Too expensive).

None are sustainable and none are the changes I want to instate for the rest of my life, this isn’t a diet, but rather a lifestyle change.

So I signed up for my second round of Michelle’s Bridges 12WBT. 1200 calories, exercise, and fill your body with good foods. Simple, easy, but effective, and with mindset lessons and tons of support, it seems like the perfect combo.

Can’t wait to JFDI (just fucking do it), and lose these last 9kilos.


Plus she’s great inspiration, I would love to be as fit and healthy as she is!


Fall Back Plans


Since my sister asked me ever so nicely if I had a detox plan or something similar that I follow…I thought I’d upload a few little tricks that I keep up my sleeve. I use these ideas when I’m really stuck at my current weight, feeling like I’ve gone REALLY off track or simply want to feel a bit refreshed an energised; be mindful that these work for me, but might not work for anybody else.

1. The Bodytrim System: now contrary to what Geoff [the owner] of the program says, I didn’t lose 5kgs in 7 days, but I do always lose a couple and it feels like it reboots my system a little. Basically the idea is that you eat only protein for 3 days; 150 grams of any protein for 3 main meals a day. I don’t eat eggs and don’t like red meat very much so it sucks a little for me. I eat 150 grams of chicken each main meal, or perhaps some bacon with the fat cut off. You can eat every 1-2 hours if you’re hungry, but then it’s only 50grams of protein for snacks for women or 100grams for men. I either ate a handful of nuts, a little tin of tuna or some ham or something.  You’re supposed to only drink water for those three days as well, but realistically…not gonna happen in my world. I tried to limit my drinking to mainly water with a glass or two of diet coke so I didn’t go bat crap crazy.

After the first three, quite frankly, painful days of only protein you can reintroduce salad and vegetables to your lunch and dinner, but absolutely NO carbohyrdrates!! That needs to continue for 5 more days after the original 3. You can still keep having your 50-100grams of protein for snacks every hour or so if you like.

After that you can reintroduce carbohydrates but only in the mornings with your breakfast and you still must continue to have protein with that meal. I simply brought some protein powder and sprinkled it on my cornflakes or oats. You could have toast with a protein shake if you like.  You can also have protein shakes for some of your snacks from the very first 3 days if you like.

Along with this eating, you also need to take a 30 minute minimum walk each day; this does not mean a work out…simply a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes each day. In fact, the literature tells you that you should NOT undertake any strenuous exercise unless you already take part in such a program before you start the Bodytrim system.

The first three days suck in all kinds of nasty ways, but by the end of the 8 days I feel more energised AND the little bit of extra weight loss always makes me feel better.


2. Meal Replacement Shakes: I prefer the Rapid Loss shakes as I find they actually have some taste rather than tasting like cardboard. I don’t have them for every meal, but replace my lunch with them. You can make them either with water or skim milk; if you really want to skimp on calories then make them with water…but if you’re going to replace more than one meal a day…use the skim milk…the water makes you feel like you’re drinking some weird kind of muddy residue.

3. The Soup Diet: a bit dodgy, but good for quick weight loss if you don’t mind some of it coming back on when you start eating regular food again. Best for if you’re going to a special function and just want to drop a couple of kilos in a hurry. Basically it is having soup for lunch and dinner for 3-5 days; it’s not a great idea because it sucks when the weight comes back on.

However, if you temper it to be like the Meal Replacement Shakes, then although the weight loss is a little less, it won’t come back on unless you binge afterwards.


Of these options Number #1 is the best option as you can keep going with the long lasting program (carbs only in the morning, 150g protein and salad/vegetables lunch and dinner) for as long as you want and repeat the first 3 days whenever you feel like it. The other two are almost impossible to keep up for any length of time.


Check In and Mini Goal!

I weighed myself on Sunday morning for some reason this week instead of my usual Friday; I have to remind myself that weighing myself every day is not actually helpful or reliable for tracking weight loss. I was reminded of this fact when I sneakily snuck in an extra weigh in on Thursday morning and was subsequently annoyed for the rest of the day when the scales mocked me with a meagre loss of 100grams. I ignored the little meanie on Friday morning, but on Sunday I finally (and reluctantly) stepped back onto them and waited to see if 100 grams was indeed the total of my weight loss for the week: instead of seeing 69.4 kgs which would have been the 100grams, the red numbers that flashed up said 68.4! I haven’t seen 68kgs for a very VERY long time, now my problem is that I’m not sure which of my weights is the more accurate. I’m going with the 68.4 because hello…it’s better than 69.4, but who knows!

Besides the numbers 6 and 8 being put together…my other achievement is reaching one of my mini goals. I purchased a black cocktail dress from Target about 6 months ago, maybe even longer;  I could do the zip up…just and it was such a good dress that I told myself I would definitely lose enough weight to fit in to it someday.

I was getting ready for a friend’s engagement party and, after my little weigh in surprise on Sunday morning, I thought I’d see if the dress would fit…as soon as I stepped into it I could tell it was already looser. When I did up the zip and turned to the mirror and it fit…and fit well I immediately exploded into what can only be described as a completely insane dance of celebration. The compliments from my friends, both male and female were great, but the best compliment is the one I gave myself in that first second when I turned to my reflection; that tiny little spark of pride, that grin at realising that I did this, I finally accomplished something and in that second…I was happy with myself.

So all up…this week = Winning!


My Motivation


I admit it…I’ve been watching this season of the Biggest Loser and I’m pissed! [Uh…but Danii… that’s Amy Lee in the picture not a contestant from TBL! I’ll get to her, I swear] It really pisses me off when they do their little vignettes at the beginning of each season and they talk about why they need/want to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, I respect their courage to put themselves on a national television show where they must know that people will be watching them, judging them and criticising them; however it makes me FURIOUS that some of these contestants say that they are only there to “support” their father/mother/sister/brother whoever. No! You should be changing your life because YOU want to, because YOU need your life to be different.

Your life needs to yours. If you aren’t happy with your life, change it. If you hate your job, stop making excuses and change it. Go back to school, send out resumes…do whatever needs to be done. If you’re not happy in your relationship, fight to fix it. If that’s not possible then know when it’s time to walk away. The same goes for losing weight and getting fitter.

Anyway, my point is (in case you haven’t realised, I tend to get a little bit distracted) that your motivation has to be internal not external. What motivates me? To be honest my original motivation was similar to TBL contestants that annoy me so much now…

  1. I thought that I would be more attractive to my partner
  2. It would solve ALL of my life problems
  3. I would magically gain confidence and love everything about myself

* Note – there is nothing in there about being healthy and fit? Right…because that would just be a cool side effect.

It’s now two and a half years since I first started dropping the weight and over that period of time my motivation has changed dramatically. I realise that I will never, old issues and all, look into the mirror and miraculously be 100% satisfied with what I see. I wanted to achieve a weight within the healthy range for my height and age, I wanted to have a BMI that’s healthy and I wanted to be able to pose for a photo without being absolutely terrified at the pictures I would see. I wanted to be able to look into the eyes of that girl in a photograph and see confidence and happiness shining through. Someone who is happy with themselves.

I have managed to finally achieve the first two things in the last few weeks: my weight is in a healthy range  and my BMI is 26 on the dot. I still don’t particularly love having my picture taken, but as long as I get to review them afterwards I don’t hide from the lens in fear…as much. I haven’t managed to see that confident girl yet…but I think she’s finally starting to emerge.

A lot of people have a celebrity or someone they look up to…someone they think has a great body or whatever…my inspiration is a little different. I have a celebrity I admire; I admire her because she is purely herself. When I see a picture of her, it’s right there in her eyes, that look that says ‘this is me…this is my body…this is my life…’ and I want that look. I want it so badly I can almost taste it. I want to smile at my reflection in the mirror and walk out of my front door satisfied with who I am. To walk into work, or the gym, or the shops, to have a night out in town with my friends and not spend the entire time worrying about how I look…are there fat rolls over top of my jeans? Are my arms too flabby to wear this? I want that look. I am going to get it. It’s mine.





Links to help & inspire!

Control your intake. – An Australia food database, you can track your intake or just search for calories. There is also a community element.

Calorie King Iphone App – Powered by the above database, an easy way to track your intake, as well as record your exercise. You can input recipes and custom food, as well as copy meals from one day to another to make it easier for you!

Calorie Count – recipe analysis – This is one of the best tools when you want to cook a recipe that doesn’t list nutritional details, you can copy in the ingredient list, list how many serves and it will tell you how many calories it will be. Too high? Easily edit it to get the calorie allowance you want!

Food, food, food. – seriously, if there is a tasty low calorie recipe, someone has pinned it. I search either low calorie, or by ingredient (assuming that’s a healthy ingredient) and there will be loads of pins. Try it – today I did “quinoa feta” and found so many tasty salad ideas. My lunch for the next two days have been made and both under 300 calories, thanks to Pinterest. – this website has 100s and 100s of recipes, all with the calorie count, WW points, and all nutritional information. It’s nicely sorted into categories, which makes it so easy!

Inspiration & Fitness!


Breaking a habit?

It’s surprising when you look at your eating, and realise half of it is habitual, not hunger. For myself, when my son goes down for a nap, I grab a snack, and after doing this a certain amount of times, I now do it even if I’m not hungry, it’s automatically as I’ve formed a habit, an unhealthy one. To break a habit, means you have to exercise a lot of will power. Even if you’re now aware that is a habit and you’re not actually hungry, or you would prefer something healthy, or you want to go for a run every second day, doesn’t mean you will be be able to just stop (or start) doing it! I found this little quote below and found that rings true. You will not be able to change your habits, that has potentially been a habit for years, in one day! 


The normal thing that is thrown around is, “it takes 21 days to break a habit”. That seems so great – not do something for 21 days and you’re free from that unhealthy habit. Well, I did some digging for this article and apparently that’s not 100% true. It takes 21 days for someone who has had plastic surgery to get used to themselves again, or a person who has lost a limb get used to it not being there, but it doesn’t really stand true for breaking, or forming a new habit. It varies from person to person, but seems to average out around 66 days! (Source). 66 days is a little less encouraging than 21 days, but it just reminds you once you have made it 21 days, you’ll have to keep working on it. Don’t get to 21 days and think you can do it once because you’ve broken the habit. Instead just keep going with your new habit for 66 days, for 365 days, just keep going.

The main thing, start today, not tomorrow when you haven’t already “screwed up”, don’t wait to the first of the month, or next monday. Start this very second. Then tomorrow you’ll be on day 2 of 66, not 1.



I was never a particularly ‘sporty’ kit, but I have always LOVED netball and have been involved in it for most of my life. I remember begging my mum to let me play when I was 5 or so.

At the moment I play twice a week and schedule the rest of my exercise around my games.

A social game of netball usually lasts for about 40 minutes, while a competitive league/association game lasts for an hour.

40 minutes of netball burns approx. 395 calories

60 minutes of netball burns approx. 593 calories

If you join a league/association, you have the added benefit of a training session at LEAST once a week!

Netball is great for cardiovascular fitness, reflexes, dexterity and socialising; if you haven’t played for a while or don’t have the time to train and commit to a highly competitive association game, join a social team at a gym or sportsclub nearby and play for fun.

And just below…my favourite netball team [besides the Australian Diamonds obviously!]

Adelaide Thunderbirds

Adelaide Thunderbirds

Emotional Eating – damn you!


I don’t particularly like chocolate, and the above picture uses doughnuts which I don’t particularly find THAT tempting, but the idea is there. I read an article called “Stressed is Desserts” Spelled Backwards which looks at the reasons why we, especially women, tend to eat when feeling emotional.

“Emotional eating is using your emotions as a driver for eating, as opposed to listening to your hunger cues.” This quote really hits home for me because it’s exactly what I do! When I’m marking terrible, terrible essays from the students at school, or sitting in front of the television bored out of my mind, or, more commonly, when I’m upset…damn you blokes!

I have recognised this quality and flaw in my dieting/healthy living plan and yet I continue to do it! Why? Why, if I recognise this as an issue, do I still do it anyway? I have no answers for you. Of course, if you’re emotionally eating grapes or apples or something….the issue, while needing to be addressed (why do you want to eat because you’re upset?) won’t negatively effect your diet too much…but when your fridge and cupboard is like mine (no junk food) and I have to make a special trip down to the corner deli, or to a fast food place…you know you’ve got a problem.

Did you know that Emotional Eating is actually recognised as a mild Eating Disorder? “Emotional eating can help temporarily fulfill a need.” That need could be stress, anger, sadness, or fatigue, among others. In the short-term, eating provides sensory pleasure and gives us an energy boost, which is why it makes us feel better. Okay, so I know why I eat emotionally, now I just need to be able to stop myself from doing it. I have photos of the way I want to look up on my fridge, but since there’s never bad food in there…it doesn’t help. I need to come up with a strategy to stop myself going out and getting ‘naughty’ food when it’s not my day/meal to be naughty.

If anyone has a strategy to stop this…please, please let me know…

[ I just checked with Elle and we would both love to get the answer to this!]

So until then, I will either have to keep myself from being bored or stop being/getting emotional. Hmmmm……