Emotional Eating – damn you!


I don’t particularly like chocolate, and the above picture uses doughnuts which I don’t particularly find THAT tempting, but the idea is there. I read an article called “Stressed is Desserts” Spelled Backwards which looks at the reasons why we, especially women, tend to eat when feeling emotional.

“Emotional eating is using your emotions as a driver for eating, as opposed to listening to your hunger cues.” This quote really hits home for me because it’s exactly what I do! When I’m marking terrible, terrible essays from the students at school, or sitting in front of the television bored out of my mind, or, more commonly, when I’m upset…damn you blokes!

I have recognised this quality and flaw in my dieting/healthy living plan and yet I continue to do it! Why? Why, if I recognise this as an issue, do I still do it anyway? I have no answers for you. Of course, if you’re emotionally eating grapes or apples or something….the issue, while needing to be addressed (why do you want to eat because you’re upset?) won’t negatively effect your diet too much…but when your fridge and cupboard is like mine (no junk food) and I have to make a special trip down to the corner deli, or to a fast food place…you know you’ve got a problem.

Did you know that Emotional Eating is actually recognised as a mild Eating Disorder? “Emotional eating can help temporarily fulfill a need.” That need could be stress, anger, sadness, or fatigue, among others. In the short-term, eating provides sensory pleasure and gives us an energy boost, which is why it makes us feel better. Okay, so I know why I eat emotionally, now I just need to be able to stop myself from doing it. I have photos of the way I want to look up on my fridge, but since there’s never bad food in there…it doesn’t help. I need to come up with a strategy to stop myself going out and getting ‘naughty’ food when it’s not my day/meal to be naughty.

If anyone has a strategy to stop this…please, please let me know…

[ I just checked with Elle and we would both love to get the answer to this!]

So until then, I will either have to keep myself from being bored or stop being/getting emotional. Hmmmm……



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