Breaking a habit?

It’s surprising when you look at your eating, and realise half of it is habitual, not hunger. For myself, when my son goes down for a nap, I grab a snack, and after doing this a certain amount of times, I now do it even if I’m not hungry, it’s automatically as I’ve formed a habit, an unhealthy one. To break a habit, means you have to exercise a lot of will power. Even if you’re now aware that is a habit and you’re not actually hungry, or you would prefer something healthy, or you want to go for a run every second day, doesn’t mean you will be be able to just stop (or start) doing it! I found this little quote below and found that rings true. You will not be able to change your habits, that has potentially been a habit for years, in one day! 


The normal thing that is thrown around is, “it takes 21 days to break a habit”. That seems so great – not do something for 21 days and you’re free from that unhealthy habit. Well, I did some digging for this article and apparently that’s not 100% true. It takes 21 days for someone who has had plastic surgery to get used to themselves again, or a person who has lost a limb get used to it not being there, but it doesn’t really stand true for breaking, or forming a new habit. It varies from person to person, but seems to average out around 66 days! (Source). 66 days is a little less encouraging than 21 days, but it just reminds you once you have made it 21 days, you’ll have to keep working on it. Don’t get to 21 days and think you can do it once because you’ve broken the habit. Instead just keep going with your new habit for 66 days, for 365 days, just keep going.

The main thing, start today, not tomorrow when you haven’t already “screwed up”, don’t wait to the first of the month, or next monday. Start this very second. Then tomorrow you’ll be on day 2 of 66, not 1.


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