Fall Back Plans


Since my sister asked me ever so nicely if I had a detox plan or something similar that I follow…I thought I’d upload a few little tricks that I keep up my sleeve. I use these ideas when I’m really stuck at my current weight, feeling like I’ve gone REALLY off track or simply want to feel a bit refreshed an energised; be mindful that these work for me, but might not work for anybody else.

1. The Bodytrim System: now contrary to what Geoff [the owner] of the program says, I didn’t lose 5kgs in 7 days, but I do always lose a couple and it feels like it reboots my system a little. Basically the idea is that you eat only protein for 3 days; 150 grams of any protein for 3 main meals a day. I don’t eat eggs and don’t like red meat very much so it sucks a little for me. I eat 150 grams of chicken each main meal, or perhaps some bacon with the fat cut off. You can eat every 1-2 hours if you’re hungry, but then it’s only 50grams of protein for snacks for women or 100grams for men. I either ate a handful of nuts, a little tin of tuna or some ham or something.  You’re supposed to only drink water for those three days as well, but realistically…not gonna happen in my world. I tried to limit my drinking to mainly water with a glass or two of diet coke so I didn’t go bat crap crazy.

After the first three, quite frankly, painful days of only protein you can reintroduce salad and vegetables to your lunch and dinner, but absolutely NO carbohyrdrates!! That needs to continue for 5 more days after the original 3. You can still keep having your 50-100grams of protein for snacks every hour or so if you like.

After that you can reintroduce carbohydrates but only in the mornings with your breakfast and you still must continue to have protein with that meal. I simply brought some protein powder and sprinkled it on my cornflakes or oats. You could have toast with a protein shake if you like.  You can also have protein shakes for some of your snacks from the very first 3 days if you like.

Along with this eating, you also need to take a 30 minute minimum walk each day; this does not mean a work out…simply a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes each day. In fact, the literature tells you that you should NOT undertake any strenuous exercise unless you already take part in such a program before you start the Bodytrim system.

The first three days suck in all kinds of nasty ways, but by the end of the 8 days I feel more energised AND the little bit of extra weight loss always makes me feel better.


2. Meal Replacement Shakes: I prefer the Rapid Loss shakes as I find they actually have some taste rather than tasting like cardboard. I don’t have them for every meal, but replace my lunch with them. You can make them either with water or skim milk; if you really want to skimp on calories then make them with water…but if you’re going to replace more than one meal a day…use the skim milk…the water makes you feel like you’re drinking some weird kind of muddy residue.

3. The Soup Diet: a bit dodgy, but good for quick weight loss if you don’t mind some of it coming back on when you start eating regular food again. Best for if you’re going to a special function and just want to drop a couple of kilos in a hurry. Basically it is having soup for lunch and dinner for 3-5 days; it’s not a great idea because it sucks when the weight comes back on.

However, if you temper it to be like the Meal Replacement Shakes, then although the weight loss is a little less, it won’t come back on unless you binge afterwards.


Of these options Number #1 is the best option as you can keep going with the long lasting program (carbs only in the morning, 150g protein and salad/vegetables lunch and dinner) for as long as you want and repeat the first 3 days whenever you feel like it. The other two are almost impossible to keep up for any length of time.



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