Signed up for another round!

In discussions with my sister, there was a conversation about how to kick start your weight loss again. Detoxes came up (see Danii’s last post!) I tried to work out what would work for me, would shakes work? (Can make them easily in the TMX). Would low carb? (Being a vegetarian, not really). Would a detox program? (Too expensive).

None are sustainable and none are the changes I want to instate for the rest of my life, this isn’t a diet, but rather a lifestyle change.

So I signed up for my second round of Michelle’s Bridges 12WBT. 1200 calories, exercise, and fill your body with good foods. Simple, easy, but effective, and with mindset lessons and tons of support, it seems like the perfect combo.

Can’t wait to JFDI (just fucking do it), and lose these last 9kilos.


Plus she’s great inspiration, I would love to be as fit and healthy as she is!


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