Plateaus are the pits!


One of the most annoying weight loss cliches in the world is that (supposedly) comforting adage that plateaus are “only temporary” and you just have to “be patient”; another one is that if you hit a plateau it’s because you’ve strayed from your plan, your body has reached the weight you’re truly supposed to be at or that you need to step up your exercise.

If I’m truly honest..I have been quite the slacker and procrastinator when it comes to hitting the gym ever since I got back from Bali (January). Actually, slacker isn’t even a strong enough word for what I’ve become. To compensate for the laziness in the exercise department I’ve been eating less calories instead.

I still play netball twice a week, but compared to the amount of exercise I was doing before, it is nothing! I can also feel that I’ve lost a lot of fitness which is quite depressing…

But I’ve managed to distract myself from my main point yet again; plateaus SUCK!

My plateau is a tiny bit bumpy – I hovered around 72kgs for months before I managed to get down to 70; I was stuck at that weight for a few more months and then all of a sudden I lost a miniscule 600 odd grams and then BAM I was magically in the 60s for the first time in over 10 years! So it was 69.4 kgs…but that didn’t matter; since then I’ve managed to get down to 68.4 even without the extra exercising and I’ve managed to grind to a halt here.

Danii…just do more exercise again I hear you cry! Well, sure…easy enough to say, but I have a bit of an issue with getting a tad bit obsessive about things and to be honest I’ve quite enjoyed not being completely obsessed with the amount of calories I’ve burned or the burn in my muscles and how long it lasts OR how long my workout lasted for.

So while I plan to get back to the gym at least a couple of times this week [one of my netball teams has a week off because we made the finals – yay – and the other has a bye] to replace the two games I would normally play, I don’t want to go back to the girl who was more interested in the gym than having a skinny cappucino with her friends.

And exercising doesn’t always conquer a plateau; so while my plateau problem may very well be solved by simply hitting the gym again, I wanted to counter the annoying, condescending websites and people who tell you to just wait patiently to get past a plateau.

I get it. That annoying..irritating…depressing…COMPLETELY INFURIATING feeling when the DAMN NUMBERS ON THE SCALES stay the same week after week, after week, after week….

You get the picture.

Anyway…I get it. I appreciate your pain.

I’m just gonna go hit the gym.

And plateau some more…



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