It’s all about health now.



It’s a hard transition from wanting to be skinny, to wanting to be healthy and toned. It’s a hard to go from eating as little as possible to eating as well as you can.

That’s what I’ve spent the last two years doing, learning to enjoy food, healthy, wholesome food. I’ve made big changes in my life, I don’t use jarred pasta sauce, I use wholemeal flour, I avoid food that don’t have lots of nutrients. I am concentrating on filling my body with good food!

12WBT starts on Monday, and during preseason (well during the last two weeks) I’ve lost 1.2kg. 8.7kg left. I plan to smash that in the 12 weeks of this program, not only smash it, but smash it while eating healthy filling food, while avoiding additives, while not eating empty calories, and while learning to love my body!  


2 thoughts on “It’s all about health now.

  1. First of all: LOVE the pic and the quote – such a good way to look at it. All too often I mentally whinge that I want to be “skinny” when I should be saying, “I want to be healthy”.

    Second: You make me feel like such a lazy slacker LOL! I really should be doing the same thing as you…making pasta sauce instead of buying it! I’ll take a leaf out of your book (No! You can’t take a leaf out of my book! – Lano and Woodley: Primeval Warrior)

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