12 WBT – A Challenge



So my sister was raving about Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation: I sussed out the website and I signed up. Here’s my problem….

hate starting new things! I am quite comfortable in my little niche thankyou! I freak out whenever I start something, or try something I’ve never tried before. I eat the same foods, do the same exercise routines, go to the same places etc. The idea of finding a new hairdresser makes me uncomfortable and heaven forbid I go to a new chiropractor or optometrist or find a gym closer to home…

Imagine my reaction when I realise that as part of the 12wbt I need to

1) Eat a whole bunch of foods I’ve never eaten before…or eaten together…

2) Do a different exercise routine (you mean that walking to the local deli isn’t counted? WTF?)

3) Follow a shopping list and exercise routine.


Cue anxiety: now my sister has been amazing so far and calmed my stupid issues about running outside (what if someone I know sees me?) and giving me positive reinforcement about my times on the fitness test.

This challenge will hopefully do a number of things for me:

1) Get me over this plateau and closer to my end goal which is now 62-64 kilos.

2) Get me back into exercising again – have you seen The Biggest Loser? Have you seen Michelle Bridges lose her mind at people who are slack? I don’t care that I won’t see her in person…I’ll do whatever she tells me to do!

3) Make me more aware about the quantity and quality of the food I put into my body (Elle’s Last Post)

4) Help me to embrace new challenges without the needless anxiety about change!

I’ll keep you updated with how I’m going! [If you want to join the challenge as well…click the image at the top!]





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