Disappointingly, I’ve really struggled in the first week of the 12WBT and have actually gained some of the weight back that I had worked so hard to lose. I’m struggling to identify why and how to fix it.

Positives of week 1

  • Beat my PB for the 1km TWICE, once by 27 seconds, and then beat that one by 5 seconds
  • Increased my exercise remarkably
  • Enjoyed the recipes and followed the meal plan.

Negatives from week 1

  • Did not do 6 days a week of training
  • Ate too many snacks that made me go over 1200 calories.
  • Struggled with realising one bad meal, does not mean it has to be a blow out day, one blow out day does not need it has to be a blow out week.

Goals for week 2

  • Train 6 days a week
  • Keep to 1200 calories
  • Make sure one meal does not decide the day

How will I reach my goals for week 2

  • Plan out my SAHM days, including what chores I should be doing to avoid seeing me default to snacking.
  • Do a 12WBT pinterest board
  • Print out/put up some sayings and pictures in a space I can look at everyday and remember to repeat them.
  • JFDI

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