Why Lie?



There isn’t really any point in lying when it comes to getting fit and losing weight, I mean…who exactly are you hurting or fooling by lying about what you eat or the exercise that you do? Nobody but yourself.

So I’ll admit it; I’ve ‘cheated’ and eaten shitty food during the 5 weeks of the 12wbt challenge. Of course I have! Is my free meal on a Saturday as dictated by the nutrition plan? Nope! I eat my ‘treat’ meal on a Tuesday…so there! Is my treat meal reasonable? Well it’s usually Hungry Jacks…so nope!

Have I missed a day or two of exercise during the 5 weeks? You betcha! Have I strictly monitored the calories I’ve burnt off during my training sessions? Nope.

What I HAVE done is followed the nutrition plan when I can afford it; when I haven’t been able to (and unfortunately that happens more than I’d like) I simply make sure I eat within the calorie count for the day.

I have gotten back into an awesome exercise routine at the gym which looks something like this:

Monday: Netball OR a cardio class at the gym

Tuesday: Body Pump at 6 freakin’ 15 in the morning!

Wednesday: Netball OR Body Step

Thursday: Body Pump in the evening

Friday: Body Balance

Saturday: Body Combat

Sunday: REST!

I haven’t lost weight, but the centimetres are slowly coming off; ironically two cms came off my chest which I used to lament about staying huge…now that they’re smaller (Thanks Doc for that btw!) they’re getting smaller again! I can see definition appearing in my arms and I’m definitely fitter and stronger.

So to those naysayers on the 12wbt website who say that the reason people don’t lose weight is because they’re not following the nutrition and exercise plans TO THE LETTER, I say be honest with yourself. Let others be honest. If you can follow that plan and never deviate one iota from it, then that’s awesome.

However, like most people, if they’re willing to admit it, we don’t WANT to say “well I’m never going to eat a Whopper with Cheese again!” or “I’m sorry (insert friend’s name here) I can’t come out shopping or to coffee with you because I need to get my exercise in…”

If you do say that…I think (for most people at least) that means…perhaps…YOU’RE LYING!

What I don’t understand are the people (and I know a couple who aren’t doing this program) who claim to be only eating “healthy, good food” and “exercising every day for 2-3 hours” and then complain because they haven’t lost ANY weight at all or gotten any fitter or seen any noticeable results…I’m going to call “Bullshit!”

I’m not going to lie about my eating or my exercise because there isn’t any point. I’m fitter and stronger than ever before, so do I think I’ve wasted my money on this 12wbt challenge? Hell no! Will I keep going with the exercise program Michelle Bridges has set up? Hell yes! Will I EVER 100% completely follow that nutrition plan…NOT A CHANCE! But I will do my best, within reason. Honesty wins.

And I think I’ve rambled enough.


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