Workout #1 – Upper Body

So the light handweights will come in handy if you have them…if not…raid your pantry/kitchen cupboards for some larger cans…failing that, 2 x Pump water bottles (make sure they’re full!)

Hint: don’t leave a HUGE gap between each set for each exercise…you need to push on, there’s no point letting your muscles completely recover!

Exercise 1

2 sets of 12-15 reps

Upright Row [use two fairly heavy cans or water bottles – one in each hand]

Bring both arms up at the same time!!! Concentrate on ensuring your weaker side is coming up at the same time and speed as your dominant side!


Exercise 2

2 sets of 12-15 reps

Shoulder Press [ still using your light hand weights/cans/waterbottles]

Keep in mind that correct technique is very important; if your neck starts getting sore, make sure your chin is tucked in!! I also find it easier if I step my right leg back a little…keep your knees soft!

Don’t forget to make sure the weak side is doing an equal amount of work!


Or if you’re really excited, swap them for Squatting Shoulder Press…



Exercise 3

2 Sets of 12-15 reps

Bicep Curls [cans or handweights]

The same as all of the others: both hands raised simultaneously – although if you like…you can do one arm at a time, but then you have to do 15 on EACH ARM for ONE set.



Exercise 4

2 Sets of 12-15 reps

Mac Raises [Warning……Ouchie!]

Tip: Make sure you keep your arms level. The arm that is out in front should be level with your shoulders – the other arm should be at 90 degrees but still level with your shoulder.


Make sure to alternate arms or you will find they may fall off…..for the second set, ensure you start on the opposite arm!


Exercise 5

2 Sets of 12-15 reps

Tricep Curl

You will only need one weight/can/bottle for this exercise; you can do this exercise sitting down with your legs crossed in front of you or standing up. Hold the weight in both hands and hold it straight out over your head, keeping your elbows close to your ears, bend your arms and curl the weight behind your head.




Exercise 6

2 Sets of 12-15 reps

Bent Over Row

Back to both weights again, bending from your hips (think how far you stick your butt out for a squat…but without the bending) hold your arms straight down in front of you; raise both arms at the same time and pull your shoulder blades together as far as you can!




Well done!! You made it!!


WorkOut #1 – Warm Up!

I’m doing this as a favour for the lovely Elle, but hey, if someone else finds it helpful…awesome!

You will need: a fitball, light hand weights (or some fairly heavy cans or waterbottles), a skipping rope if possible, a towel and some water…to drink!



Exercise 1

Skipping  x 400 reps – that’s right count each skip until you reach 400 – try not to stop unless you absolutely have to – and if you must set yourself a goal (I’ll reach 100 before I stop etc)



If you don’t have a skipping rope then do the same thing with jumping jacks.


Exercise 2

2 pushups [pushups either on knees or toes]



     followed immediately by

2 plank ups [set yourself up in a plank, knees or toes, elbows on the floor and then slowly raise yourself up on to your hands – alternate which hand you push up on first]



Continue this combination for an entire minute and then stop


Exercise 3

Exercise 2

2 squats – make sure you are getting a good range for your squats…stick that butt out!


2 squat jumps [start down in a squat, push up to a jump and land back in the squat position]

Marta Jump Squat 2


Continue this combination for an entire minute and then stop [2 x 2 x 60 seconds]


Exercise 4

Lunges – alternating legs for an entire minute.