As the elder sister, you’d think I’d be wiser and more mature wouldn’t you? Well actually, although Elle is almost 6 years younger than me, she has it over me in spades. Our age difference aside, we somehow managed to forge a pretty tight relationship; we don’t physically get to catch up as much as I’d like anymore, but when we do it’s like we’ve never stopped living together, much to the dismay of those trying to follow our lightning fast conversations. Anyway, my point is that when Elle messaged me and asked if I would like to be her diet buddy I said ‘hell yeah’! Okay, I didn’t actually say that, but you get my drift. Of course our following conversation immediately expanded the original idea to this blog; we have completely different lifestyles and so hopefully, our joint efforts at dieting/exercising/living healthily will help ourselves individually, each other and anyone else who happens to stumble on to this site.

To introduce ourselves more formally (and very stereotypically for a dieting type website), here is a little blurb:

Name: Danii – seriously, the only person who still calls me by my full name, Danielle,  is my mother *sigh*

Age: 29 – almost 30, but we can agree to ignore that right? Right.

Starting Weight: 92.7kgs  (2010)

Starting Dress Size: 18, but heading towards a 20

Current Weight: 69. 5 kgs

Current Size: 12/14 depending on which store I’m in, I mean seriously Australia…make up your mind!

Goal Weight: 61-63 kgs

I love to play netball and although I’ve been a bit slack so far this year, I’ve actually come to enjoy my time at the gym and other types of exercise. I’m a bit of a calorie counting obsessive compulsive, I love to read, to sing, shop (especially now) and have a good catch up and gossip with my lovely girl or guy friends! I’m way too open about sex in casual conversations, love lip-gloss and am currently getting used to the idea of being single for the first time in over 6 years…

Anyway that’s me…now for the oh so lovely Elle.

Name: Elle and similarly, my family is the only one who calls me Kristelle, and maybe the bank. And yes, our names are Kristelle & Danielle.

Age: 24.

Starting Weight: 79kgs (42 weeks pregnant, 2012), and now 60kg

Starting Dress Size: 10-12, mainly 12

Current Weight: 60kg

Current Size: 10-12, mainly 12.

Goal Weight: 51-53 kgs

My son is 1 year old, he has just stopped breastfeeding, so there is no excuse as to why I can’t get back to my pre-pregancy weight. I can accept my body may be a different shape (hello bigger feet and muscle separation) but I can be happy with my body and back into my clothes! I’m sticking to 1200 calories, 3 x 300 calories main meals, and 2 x 150 calories snacks, which seems to work for me. Boredom eating, and craving taste is a big issue for me that I’m trying to overcome. Oh, and during this weight loss,  I’m learning to cook along the way, as healthy and unprocessed as I can – great for the kids as well as me!


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