Links to help & inspire!

Control your intake. – An Australia food database, you can track your intake or just search for calories. There is also a community element.

Calorie King Iphone App – Powered by the above database, an easy way to track your intake, as well as record your exercise. You can input recipes and custom food, as well as copy meals from one day to another to make it easier for you!

Calorie Count – recipe analysis – This is one of the best tools when you want to cook a recipe that doesn’t list nutritional details, you can copy in the ingredient list, list how many serves and it will tell you how many calories it will be. Too high? Easily edit it to get the calorie allowance you want!

Food, food, food. – seriously, if there is a tasty low calorie recipe, someone has pinned it. I search either low calorie, or by ingredient (assuming that’s a healthy ingredient) and there will be loads of pins. Try it – today I did “quinoa feta” and found so many tasty salad ideas. My lunch for the next two days have been made and both under 300 calories, thanks to Pinterest. – this website has 100s and 100s of recipes, all with the calorie count, WW points, and all nutritional information. It’s nicely sorted into categories, which makes it so easy!

Inspiration & Fitness!