Check In and Mini Goal!

I weighed myself on Sunday morning for some reason this week instead of my usual Friday; I have to remind myself that weighing myself every day is not actually helpful or reliable for tracking weight loss. I was reminded of this fact when I sneakily snuck in an extra weigh in on Thursday morning and was subsequently annoyed for the rest of the day when the scales mocked me with a meagre loss of 100grams. I ignored the little meanie on Friday morning, but on Sunday I finally (and reluctantly) stepped back onto them and waited to see if 100 grams was indeed the total of my weight loss for the week: instead of seeing 69.4 kgs which would have been the 100grams, the red numbers that flashed up said 68.4! I haven’t seen 68kgs for a very VERY long time, now my problem is that I’m not sure which of my weights is the more accurate. I’m going with the 68.4 because hello…it’s better than 69.4, but who knows!

Besides the numbers 6 and 8 being put together…my other achievement is reaching one of my mini goals. I purchased a black cocktail dress from Target about 6 months ago, maybe even longer;  I could do the zip up…just and it was such a good dress that I told myself I would definitely lose enough weight to fit in to it someday.

I was getting ready for a friend’s engagement party and, after my little weigh in surprise on Sunday morning, I thought I’d see if the dress would fit…as soon as I stepped into it I could tell it was already looser. When I did up the zip and turned to the mirror and it fit…and fit well I immediately exploded into what can only be described as a completely insane dance of celebration. The compliments from my friends, both male and female were great, but the best compliment is the one I gave myself in that first second when I turned to my reflection; that tiny little spark of pride, that grin at realising that I did this, I finally accomplished something and in that second…I was happy with myself.

So all up…this week = Winning!