Disappointingly, I’ve really struggled in the first week of the 12WBT and have actually gained some of the weight back that I had worked so hard to lose. I’m struggling to identify why and how to fix it.

Positives of week 1

  • Beat my PB for the 1km TWICE, once by 27 seconds, and then beat that one by 5 seconds
  • Increased my exercise remarkably
  • Enjoyed the recipes and followed the meal plan.

Negatives from week 1

  • Did not do 6 days a week of training
  • Ate too many snacks that made me go over 1200 calories.
  • Struggled with realising one bad meal, does not mean it has to be a blow out day, one blow out day does not need it has to be a blow out week.

Goals for week 2

  • Train 6 days a week
  • Keep to 1200 calories
  • Make sure one meal does not decide the day

How will I reach my goals for week 2

  • Plan out my SAHM days, including what chores I should be doing to avoid seeing me default to snacking.
  • Do a 12WBT pinterest board
  • Print out/put up some sayings and pictures in a space I can look at everyday and remember to repeat them.
  • JFDI

My plan – Elle

It’s another week, and another start back on my diet. I have stopped calling it a diet truthfully, and it has been a change of lifestyle. From cheap and quick meals, $1 pasta and $1 pasta sauce to properly cooked healthy meals $1 pasta (correct portion size…), and a lot of fresh vegetables, maybe with a $1 tin of tomatos, or low fat ricotta. It’s better for my family, and I’m giving my son the best start at life!
So why aren’t the kilos falling off? Plain and simple I over-eat between meals, bread bread bread, and a couple sweets, but mostly carbs. I eat when I’m putting off cleaning, because I’m thinking about a certain taste, but mainly putting off doing the housework by having a snack. I struggle to stop once I start, I think this stems from issues I had from when I was 15/16, but that is a whole life ago and my will power needs to get a work out.

While I’m at work two days a week as long as I have enough protein and enough water I’m fine, but at home, I just wander back into the kitchen to have another slice of bread, and that repeats all day. I find with a strict routine for myself (full of housework and playing with my son) fixes my unconscious eating and I can stick to 1200 calories easily. I guess, I know what I should do next and do that, rather than wander to the kitchen.

I’ve been 79 kilos at this height (42 weeks pregnant), and I’ve been 42 kilos at this height (issues at 15/16), and now all I want is to be happy and comfortable with my weight and I think that will be between 51-53kg.

With protein packed, and healthy 3 main meals at 300 calories each, and two snacks loaded with nutrients at 150 calories (1200 calories all up), my SAHM days planned out, and exercise three days a week (albeit at home), I know I can shed these 7-9 kilos!

An example of my 1200 calorie day when I stick to it?

Breakfast (9amish): CADA & Greek Yoghurt 250 calories

Lunch: Quiche (a 12WBT recipe) 300 calories

Snack: Two boiled eggs with curry powder 200 calories

Tea: A 12wbt recipe, falafels, vegetarian spaghetti bolognese, rissoles, homemade pizza, pasta with pumpkin and tomato with ricotta, etc, always 300 calories.

Snack: Four Premium crackers with vegemite under 150 calories