A Successful Failure?


Well…this sucks! I know that I’m not supposed to get hung up on numbers…my head knows this, it is drummed into my head all the time, but I have to tell you…seeing the numbers on the scales stay the same or, (God forbid) go up for whatever the reason, is depressing!

As soon as I started the 12wbt I got straight back into an AMAZING exercise routine; there is absolutely no doubt about it, I am fitter and stronger now than I’ve ever been. What makes me feel like this whole venture has been a failure are the numbers on the scales; as soon as I put weights back into my exercise routine (as per 12wbt – twice a week) I put on 1 kilo; I managed to keep my cool after I did my measurements and saw that they had all gone down after four weeks of keeping it going. However…I haven’t done my final measurements yet (that’s next week) but my week eight measurements didn’t show the improvement I’d hoped for, not only that, but my weight went up again by another kilo. 

My clothes don’t seem to be affected by the horrible two kilos that have crept on, in fact they are a little looser around the hips and most excitingly (for me anyway) is the definition and toning I can see in my arms and the tops of my legs. I’m (cautiously) hopeful that when I do my final measurements next week I’ll see that the two kilos (of muscle, or so everyone keeps telling me) has been worth it because I’m changing my body shape.

So scale-wise I feel like a bit of a failure, but fitness wise, I’m definitely a success!

P.S Those are not my feet 😛


Always look on the bright side of life…


Second week of the 12wbt challenge is done; the numbers on my scale have stayed the same which is quite disheartening, but there have been a few bright glimmers of hope so far:

1. I took 17 seconds of my time for the 1km run

2. Except for sleeping through my alarm this morning, I have followed the exercise plan

3. I got up at 5.30 in the morning to go to the gym three times during the week because I knew I had parent/teacher interviews and wouldn’t want to go after them

4. The fitness I’ve lost over the last four months is quickly coming back; I’m not as puffed on the netball court and while my muscles strength (particularly in my arms) still isn’t what it was, I can feel it returning.

5. Even though the numbers have stayed the same, my clothes are already fitting differently, and I feel much better about my body as it is.

6. Now that my oh so lovely and bloaty time of the month is finally over…hopefully the numbers will change.


Things I still need to work on include:

1. Giving in to my emotional eating issues (eating Hungry Jacks for tea…c’mon…will it really make me feel better?)

2. Recognising when I’m feeling bored and or emotional before I end up with snacks in front of me and finding another outlet instead of food.

3. Not becoming too despondent when the numbers on the scales don’t change at all or as much as I want them to and instead focusing on the above positive list.


Now I just need to continue making sure my positive list gets longer and the “things to work on” gets shorter, or includes different things.

12 WBT – A Challenge



So my sister was raving about Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation: I sussed out the website and I signed up. Here’s my problem….

hate starting new things! I am quite comfortable in my little niche thankyou! I freak out whenever I start something, or try something I’ve never tried before. I eat the same foods, do the same exercise routines, go to the same places etc. The idea of finding a new hairdresser makes me uncomfortable and heaven forbid I go to a new chiropractor or optometrist or find a gym closer to home…

Imagine my reaction when I realise that as part of the 12wbt I need to

1) Eat a whole bunch of foods I’ve never eaten before…or eaten together…

2) Do a different exercise routine (you mean that walking to the local deli isn’t counted? WTF?)

3) Follow a shopping list and exercise routine.


Cue anxiety: now my sister has been amazing so far and calmed my stupid issues about running outside (what if someone I know sees me?) and giving me positive reinforcement about my times on the fitness test.

This challenge will hopefully do a number of things for me:

1) Get me over this plateau and closer to my end goal which is now 62-64 kilos.

2) Get me back into exercising again – have you seen The Biggest Loser? Have you seen Michelle Bridges lose her mind at people who are slack? I don’t care that I won’t see her in person…I’ll do whatever she tells me to do!

3) Make me more aware about the quantity and quality of the food I put into my body (Elle’s Last Post)

4) Help me to embrace new challenges without the needless anxiety about change!

I’ll keep you updated with how I’m going! [If you want to join the challenge as well…click the image at the top!]




Fall Back Plans


Since my sister asked me ever so nicely if I had a detox plan or something similar that I follow…I thought I’d upload a few little tricks that I keep up my sleeve. I use these ideas when I’m really stuck at my current weight, feeling like I’ve gone REALLY off track or simply want to feel a bit refreshed an energised; be mindful that these work for me, but might not work for anybody else.

1. The Bodytrim System: now contrary to what Geoff [the owner] of the program says, I didn’t lose 5kgs in 7 days, but I do always lose a couple and it feels like it reboots my system a little. Basically the idea is that you eat only protein for 3 days; 150 grams of any protein for 3 main meals a day. I don’t eat eggs and don’t like red meat very much so it sucks a little for me. I eat 150 grams of chicken each main meal, or perhaps some bacon with the fat cut off. You can eat every 1-2 hours if you’re hungry, but then it’s only 50grams of protein for snacks for women or 100grams for men. I either ate a handful of nuts, a little tin of tuna or some ham or something.  You’re supposed to only drink water for those three days as well, but realistically…not gonna happen in my world. I tried to limit my drinking to mainly water with a glass or two of diet coke so I didn’t go bat crap crazy.

After the first three, quite frankly, painful days of only protein you can reintroduce salad and vegetables to your lunch and dinner, but absolutely NO carbohyrdrates!! That needs to continue for 5 more days after the original 3. You can still keep having your 50-100grams of protein for snacks every hour or so if you like.

After that you can reintroduce carbohydrates but only in the mornings with your breakfast and you still must continue to have protein with that meal. I simply brought some protein powder and sprinkled it on my cornflakes or oats. You could have toast with a protein shake if you like.  You can also have protein shakes for some of your snacks from the very first 3 days if you like.

Along with this eating, you also need to take a 30 minute minimum walk each day; this does not mean a work out…simply a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes each day. In fact, the literature tells you that you should NOT undertake any strenuous exercise unless you already take part in such a program before you start the Bodytrim system.

The first three days suck in all kinds of nasty ways, but by the end of the 8 days I feel more energised AND the little bit of extra weight loss always makes me feel better.


2. Meal Replacement Shakes: I prefer the Rapid Loss shakes as I find they actually have some taste rather than tasting like cardboard. I don’t have them for every meal, but replace my lunch with them. You can make them either with water or skim milk; if you really want to skimp on calories then make them with water…but if you’re going to replace more than one meal a day…use the skim milk…the water makes you feel like you’re drinking some weird kind of muddy residue.

3. The Soup Diet: a bit dodgy, but good for quick weight loss if you don’t mind some of it coming back on when you start eating regular food again. Best for if you’re going to a special function and just want to drop a couple of kilos in a hurry. Basically it is having soup for lunch and dinner for 3-5 days; it’s not a great idea because it sucks when the weight comes back on.

However, if you temper it to be like the Meal Replacement Shakes, then although the weight loss is a little less, it won’t come back on unless you binge afterwards.


Of these options Number #1 is the best option as you can keep going with the long lasting program (carbs only in the morning, 150g protein and salad/vegetables lunch and dinner) for as long as you want and repeat the first 3 days whenever you feel like it. The other two are almost impossible to keep up for any length of time.


Breaking a habit?

It’s surprising when you look at your eating, and realise half of it is habitual, not hunger. For myself, when my son goes down for a nap, I grab a snack, and after doing this a certain amount of times, I now do it even if I’m not hungry, it’s automatically as I’ve formed a habit, an unhealthy one. To break a habit, means you have to exercise a lot of will power. Even if you’re now aware that is a habit and you’re not actually hungry, or you would prefer something healthy, or you want to go for a run every second day, doesn’t mean you will be be able to just stop (or start) doing it! I found this little quote below and found that rings true. You will not be able to change your habits, that has potentially been a habit for years, in one day! 


The normal thing that is thrown around is, “it takes 21 days to break a habit”. That seems so great – not do something for 21 days and you’re free from that unhealthy habit. Well, I did some digging for this article and apparently that’s not 100% true. It takes 21 days for someone who has had plastic surgery to get used to themselves again, or a person who has lost a limb get used to it not being there, but it doesn’t really stand true for breaking, or forming a new habit. It varies from person to person, but seems to average out around 66 days! (Source). 66 days is a little less encouraging than 21 days, but it just reminds you once you have made it 21 days, you’ll have to keep working on it. Don’t get to 21 days and think you can do it once because you’ve broken the habit. Instead just keep going with your new habit for 66 days, for 365 days, just keep going.

The main thing, start today, not tomorrow when you haven’t already “screwed up”, don’t wait to the first of the month, or next monday. Start this very second. Then tomorrow you’ll be on day 2 of 66, not 1.

A little bit more about Danii…

If you’ve read the ‘about’ section, you already know a little bit about me anyway, but I’ll give everyone a bit more info so you can see where I’m coming from in terms of diet and exercise. The easy stuff is my age and what I like to do, the harder stuff to talk about is why I have found it necessary to worry about my diet and exercise in the first place.

The first time I remember worrying about my weight is Yr 3; I looked in the mirror, burst into tears and told Mum that I wasn’t going to school because I looked fat in my school uniform. This obsession with my weight continued throughout the rest of my childhood and became even more of an issue when I was a teenager. In Yr 12 I managed to lose about 6 kgs, unfortunately I did it by restricting my calorie intake to a pretty stupid level, I also looked a bit ridiculous because I was completely out of proportion.

I really screwed it up when I started going out with my mates while studying at uni and working part-time at Kmart; I started drinking, A LOT, stopped watching what I was eating and I met someone. But that’s great I hear you cry! Sure it was, but he was (and is still) a lovely guy and even as I continued to pack on weight, eventually I stacked on 32 and a bit kilos, he continued to tell me I wasn’t fat and that I was still a good size. Even as the numbers on my clothing tags continued to creep upwards and skywards, I told myself it wasn’t my fault, it was the clothing shops, and every store that I had to buy a size bigger than size 14, was a store that was stocking clothes made by tiny, tiny women.

I only really realised how big I had actually become when I saw a photo of myself at a friend’s Hen’s Day; I couldn’t blame it on a clothing store, I couldn’t blame it on an unflattering camera angle – the truth was…I was fat. I had become the thing I most feared.  {The photo that woke me up is at the bottom of this post!}

The rest is a story for another day, but basically, I got my ass into gear. My diet changed radically, I sorted out (kinda sorted out) some serious medical issues that were affecting my ability to lose weight and I got into exercise in a serious way. {See photo at the bottom – that was at the end of last year I think} My diet, until the last month or so is as follows:

I count calories – I used to write them all down, along with my fat grams, carbohydrates, sugar and sodium, I’ve been a bit lazy lately as I’ve memorised most of the calories in the foods I eat the most. This is going to get me back in my groove…



I’m very, very naughty and don’t eat breakfast – I’m not a morning person and the thought of food at 6, or even before 9am in the morning, makes me feel physically ill; I have a glass of Feel Good Iced Coffee each morning instead

250mls Feel Good Iced Coffee – 105 calories 1.2g fat


170g Dairy Farmers Fat Free Yoghurt – 168 calories 2.7g fat or 200g Fruit Salad in natural juices – 74 calories 0.4g fat


Chicken and Salad Sandwich (or something similar) with 97% Fat Free Mayo – approx. 150-160 calories approx. 3.5g fat


150g Grilled Chicken Breast – 142 calories 3.1g fat

100g Steamed Vegies – 96 calories 0.7g fat


On most days (very good days!): 671 calories 11.2 g fat


Monday and Wednesday: 40 minutes of netball

Tuesday and Thursday: weights at the gym

Saturday morning: short cardio and weights session at the gym

Friday and Sunday: Nothing!

I think that’s about it for now!

92.7 or maybe more

92.7 or maybe more

Approx 71kgs (middle)

Approx 71kgs (middle){

My plan – Elle

It’s another week, and another start back on my diet. I have stopped calling it a diet truthfully, and it has been a change of lifestyle. From cheap and quick meals, $1 pasta and $1 pasta sauce to properly cooked healthy meals $1 pasta (correct portion size…), and a lot of fresh vegetables, maybe with a $1 tin of tomatos, or low fat ricotta. It’s better for my family, and I’m giving my son the best start at life!
So why aren’t the kilos falling off? Plain and simple I over-eat between meals, bread bread bread, and a couple sweets, but mostly carbs. I eat when I’m putting off cleaning, because I’m thinking about a certain taste, but mainly putting off doing the housework by having a snack. I struggle to stop once I start, I think this stems from issues I had from when I was 15/16, but that is a whole life ago and my will power needs to get a work out.

While I’m at work two days a week as long as I have enough protein and enough water I’m fine, but at home, I just wander back into the kitchen to have another slice of bread, and that repeats all day. I find with a strict routine for myself (full of housework and playing with my son) fixes my unconscious eating and I can stick to 1200 calories easily. I guess, I know what I should do next and do that, rather than wander to the kitchen.

I’ve been 79 kilos at this height (42 weeks pregnant), and I’ve been 42 kilos at this height (issues at 15/16), and now all I want is to be happy and comfortable with my weight and I think that will be between 51-53kg.

With protein packed, and healthy 3 main meals at 300 calories each, and two snacks loaded with nutrients at 150 calories (1200 calories all up), my SAHM days planned out, and exercise three days a week (albeit at home), I know I can shed these 7-9 kilos!

An example of my 1200 calorie day when I stick to it?

Breakfast (9amish): CADA & Greek Yoghurt 250 calories

Lunch: Quiche (a 12WBT recipe) 300 calories

Snack: Two boiled eggs with curry powder 200 calories

Tea: A 12wbt recipe, falafels, vegetarian spaghetti bolognese, rissoles, homemade pizza, pasta with pumpkin and tomato with ricotta, etc, always 300 calories.

Snack: Four Premium crackers with vegemite under 150 calories