WorkOut #1 – Warm Up!

I’m doing this as a favour for the lovely Elle, but hey, if someone else finds it helpful…awesome!

You will need: a fitball, light hand weights (or some fairly heavy cans or waterbottles), a skipping rope if possible, a towel and some water…to drink!



Exercise 1

Skipping  x 400 reps – that’s right count each skip until you reach 400 – try not to stop unless you absolutely have to – and if you must set yourself a goal (I’ll reach 100 before I stop etc)



If you don’t have a skipping rope then do the same thing with jumping jacks.


Exercise 2

2 pushups [pushups either on knees or toes]



     followed immediately by

2 plank ups [set yourself up in a plank, knees or toes, elbows on the floor and then slowly raise yourself up on to your hands – alternate which hand you push up on first]



Continue this combination for an entire minute and then stop


Exercise 3

Exercise 2

2 squats – make sure you are getting a good range for your squats…stick that butt out!


2 squat jumps [start down in a squat, push up to a jump and land back in the squat position]

Marta Jump Squat 2


Continue this combination for an entire minute and then stop [2 x 2 x 60 seconds]


Exercise 4

Lunges – alternating legs for an entire minute.




Challenge #1 Round #3



Alrighty…Challenge #1 for this round of 12wbt was to create a pinup/inspiration board – now I can’t honestly say how often I will actually LOOK at this one, but I’m thinking I might create a literal version and stick it up in my bedroom as well.


Feel free to check it out if you like – I’m PUMPED for this round.