A Successful Failure?


Well…this sucks! I know that I’m not supposed to get hung up on numbers…my head knows this, it is drummed into my head all the time, but I have to tell you…seeing the numbers on the scales stay the same or, (God forbid) go up for whatever the reason, is depressing!

As soon as I started the 12wbt I got straight back into an AMAZING exercise routine; there is absolutely no doubt about it, I am fitter and stronger now than I’ve ever been. What makes me feel like this whole venture has been a failure are the numbers on the scales; as soon as I put weights back into my exercise routine (as per 12wbt – twice a week) I put on 1 kilo; I managed to keep my cool after I did my measurements and saw that they had all gone down after four weeks of keeping it going. However…I haven’t done my final measurements yet (that’s next week) but my week eight measurements didn’t show the improvement I’d hoped for, not only that, but my weight went up again by another kilo. 

My clothes don’t seem to be affected by the horrible two kilos that have crept on, in fact they are a little looser around the hips and most excitingly (for me anyway) is the definition and toning I can see in my arms and the tops of my legs. I’m (cautiously) hopeful that when I do my final measurements next week I’ll see that the two kilos (of muscle, or so everyone keeps telling me) has been worth it because I’m changing my body shape.

So scale-wise I feel like a bit of a failure, but fitness wise, I’m definitely a success!

P.S Those are not my feet 😛